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We are two norwegian geeks :) and this is our story.

it all started of while we went to school, we had nothing to do ... And we wanted to create something useful. Our firs project was called MPx Encoder, this release never became any good (but some of you are still using it, I don't know why ?)
and so the MPEG Suite was born :) we have worked on that application for about 1,5 years (1998-1999) but we lost our source code (backup, what is that ?).

the 2001 release of the MPEG Suite are a repack of the 1.5 Alpha and the 1.5.5rB, this package still kicks-ass :) and has about 200-300'000 users world wide.

the story of this webpage, in the beginning we was hosted at my isp's webserver. But they did not support cgi's so we bouht an account at and got our site hosted there for about one year. After that we desided to get our own server :) (, it was hosted at but our colos lines got DoSed every day and after another year our server got hacked (stupid Red Hat Linux). Then we desided to get a new server ut and running. This time powered by OpenBSD (god I love this OS), and moved our server to another colo and as you can see our new server works as a dream :). In fact are we providing web and shell hosting from our servers so just send us a mail for a quote.

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