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Welcome to Electronic Cosmo's website, we have recreated this page from scratch due to the fact that we have more then 20'000 downloads a month from this site.

[31.08.2005] New Installer for MPEG Suite
We rebuild the installer for the MPEG Suite to fix some bugs happening in up2date xp installations. it is now forcing it to be installed to c:\mpegsuit. The new installer is also smaller then the old ones. For some reason we still have more then 3000 downloads a month of the MPEG Suite ;)

[16.02.2002] Downloads
We have had 161'317 downloads of our MPEG Suite 2001 release since 15.06.2001 :)

[16.09.2001] Donations
We need your donations to make this page stay online, it uses 100USD worth of bandwidth a month and rising, please send us a 5 or 10 USD donation using either the links created during the installation or use the donation link at the top of this page.

[15.09.2001] the MPEG Suite 2001

This is a recreated release of the mpeg suite supporting both Windows 9x and Win2k. We have also sorted aout the "bugs" that was reported during the past 2 years. In fact all we needed to make this release work was a repack of the installation and include a copy of the 1.5.3 version mpeg_suite.exe file, and redo the directory structure.

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